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Reptile brain test

"Your Diagnosis

You are in a perpetual quest to find the new, the exciting. Emotionally volatile, you are known for sudden changes of opinion, of appreciation, and behavior. Following rules and established methods is difficult for you and the difficulties of higher education are usually quite daunting. Knowledge is best gained through an intimate association with the matter at hand. Usually driven by attitudes and desires of the group, you are talented in an established field of endeavor. Emotions come and go without a strong understanding of their causes. They are unexpected guests in an otherwise placid landscape. You live by your own codes of conduct, which can be noble or terrible depending on the individual. Authority is meaningless to you. You hate to be predictable, at all costs. Rarely verbally effusive, you can at times feel as if your feelings are too deep for words. You are very observant, but rarely express these observations to others."

Grandpa don't play

So, I got to watch the baby last night.

The baby has discovered that crying doesn't really work with me, because when she cries, I talk to her until she's ready to talk back.

This, obviously, is not always the best strategy, but it's my strategy.

Last night, mom had to get out of the house, so me and the baby were alone.

She asked me for Milk, I told her she could have milk when she went to bed, did she want to go to bed?


Later, she asked for milk. I asked if she wanted to go to bed. She said yes.

So I got her bottle and I picked her up so we could walk around the house looking for cats.

"Night night Jake" (he was in the kitchen since I was up after 8, therefore I must be feeding him)

"Night night Dean" (he was walking the halls in between rounds of sitting in my lap and jumping into the baby's play area trying to get her to pet him. She tends to slap when she pets, so I'm working on training her to scratch him)

"Night night Ingrid" (she's sleeping on my bed since Dean has been attacking/playing with her and she doesn't want to deal with him)

Max is in hiding when she's around, so no night night for Max.

She then went to bed, took the bottle and lay down.

15 minutes later, she briefly cried, since mom says no more pacifiers and she wanted hers.

I ignored it, and she went to sleep.